What ist a commercial agent?

Commercial agents (in daily business life also referred to as manufacturers' representatives, sales reps or sales agents) are independent professional providers of field sales and marketing services to manufacturers of suppliers. They typically handle a portfolio of related but non-competitive product lines, working under a contractual arrangement within a defi ned geographic territory on an exclusive basis. In fact commercial agents are the manufacturers? sales personnel in the territory paid predominant on a commission basis and as such they are the most cost-effective manner in reaching the market channel.

Commercial agency is therefore an already long time existing solution for manufacturers and suppliers to market their products in countries all over the wor ld keeping overhead low and standardizing sales costs.

Today?s reaction to the constant pressure for greater profi ts and faster build-up of shareholder equity is that more and more companies are recognizing outsourcing fi eld sales through commercial agents as the most effective and economical way of marketing their products. Commercial agency fi rms offer a professional, adaptable and competent sales force. Increasing numbers of companies large and small have come to realize the qualities of commercial agents, not only as a sales force, but as professionals with valuable skills and experience.