Hermann Thomsen,
trained toolmaker




23.06.1980 Trained toolmaker Hermann Thomsen establishes Hermann Thomsen Industrie-Vertretung.
01.01.1982 His oldest son, Peter Thomsen, joins the company.
01.01.1984 Peter Thomsen leaves his father's business and sets up a new company, Peter Thomsen Industrie-Vertretung, in the same office premises.
16.01.1984 Hermann Thomsen's youngest son, Jens Thomsen, joins the company.
01.10.1988 Jens Thomsen leaves the company to set up Jens Thomsen Industrie-Vertretung alongside his father's business in the same office premises. Hermann Thomsen takes over Behm GmbH and becomes managing director of the new company that emerges from the takeover, Thomsen GmbH + Co.
01.06.1995 Peter Thomsen Industrie-Vertretung moves from Stuhr to nearby Harpstedt.
Thomsen GmbH + Co and Jens Thomsen Industrie-Vertretung continue to exist side by side in the same office building in Stuhr.
31.08.2001 Jens Thomsen takes over Thomsen GmbH + Co, and Hermann Thomsen leaves the company to enjoy a well-earned retirement.
30.09.2001 Thomsen GmbH + Co merges with Jens Thomsen Industrie-Vertretung, and the resultant new company is called Thomsen GmbH + Co.
31.10.2001 Jörg Schmidt recieves power of procuration for Thomsen GmbH + Co Industrie-Vertretungen.
01.10.2008 Foundation of Thomsen Industrie-Vertretungen GmbH as long term company inheritance regulations
01.07.2010 Two further senior partners, Jörg Schmidt and Marc Lilkendey, join the Thomsen Industrie-Vertretungen GmbH



The Thomsen Industrie-Vertretungen GmbH change the company's name in

 Move to the new office space.